This award recognises the contribution of the ‘hands-on’ propagator to the horticulture industry. It was instigated in 1993 to mark the silver jubilee of the GB&I Region of IPPS.

An award is made every five years and the recipient is chosen by the past five GB&I Presidents, to a person from the ‘cutting face’ of propagation who they believe has most helped to develop propagation craft skills by passing on their experience and techniques. The recipient may or may not be an IPPS member.

In 1993 five awards were presented to represent the 25 years of IPPS in Great Britain and Ireland.

Robert Garner helped to start the Great Britain and Ireland Region of IPPS and was for 30 years chief propagator at East Malling Research Station where he was instrumental in the development of the internationally-known series of East Malling fruit tree rootstocks.

He wrote the The Grafter’s Handbook, regarded as a key reference on the subject and developed the ‘Garner bin’ for rooting hardwood cuttings.

He is remembered for his ability to help others learn and share propagation techniques.

List of recipients

Chris Lane
Philip Marie Moreau

Bob Hares

Dennis Carey

Michael Honour

Ivan R. Dickings
Peter Dummer
Judith A. Medhurst
Norman S. Standbrook
John R. Watts