The Rose Bowl is awarded each year to the person who, in the opinion of the current GB&I Region President, has best exemplified the IPPS motto of seeking and sharing and who has done most to promote the interests of IPPS and of professionalism in plant propagation and production or ornamental horticulture more widely. The recipient may or may not be a member of IPPS.

The Rose Bowl itself was a gift to the GB&I Region from Jim Wells, the founding father of IPPS, in 1973.

List of recipients

1974 B.H. Howard,
1975 A.B. Macdonald
1976 A.R. Carter
1977 S.J. Haines
1978 D.N. Clark
1979 R.J. Evison
1980 P.D.A. McMillan Browse
1981 Brian Humphrey
1982 Tom Wood
1983 Robert Garner*
1984 Margaret Scott
1985 Lila W. Dick
1986 J.G.D. Lamb
1987 John B. Gaggini
1988 Michael L. Dunnett
1989 Richard Martyr*
1990 Michael O. Farmer*
1991 John Joe Costin
1992 Janette Elizabeth Gaggini
1993 Christopher G. Lane
1994 Nicholas Dunn
1995 David D. Hutchinson
1996 Paul Brooking
1997 James C. Kelly
1998 Spence Gunn
1999 Ivan Iliev
2000 Paul Howling
2001 Margaret Sheward
2002 Dennis Fordham
2003 Duncan Travers
2004 Philip Marie Moreau
2005 John Adlam
2006 Peter Bingham
2007 J.A. Ross Kerby
2008 Claire Shaddick
2009 Thady Barrett
2010 Peter Catt
2011 John Hedger
2012 Steen Berg
2013 Karl O'Neill
2014 Peter MacDonald
2015 Lars Rudin
2016 David Hide
2017 Tim Lawrance Owen
2018 Marianne Bachmann
2019 Kees Eigenraam
2020-21 Not awarded
2022 Bent Jensen
2023 Vicky Endersby